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Description: Casting Cutie Pounded. He was not muscled bound at all, just incredibly fit and disciplined. When I pulled into the parking lot there was a dark spot in the corner Tammy wanted me to park there. I won't be going anywhere with him I think I'd prefer to be in a run down cabin with David and Deborah, Erica and George. Look I've got to go to dinner at the Sheraton with Bob and Jack. The sun shining through the window didn't wake me up. Said Erica with a big smile. I glanced up, past the defiant swells of her breasts, to see her eyes squeezed tightly shut. And the same doctor took me into a room, shut the door and read the forms over. Will saw this as an opportunity to grab my hair and start to pull me back onto his hips harder. When she looked like she was about to cum I pulled out, and lead her, by the hand, to the bed. Stranger: I lay you on the bed, smiling down at you. Adam was a good solid ten inches and fairly thick but Kevin, OH MY GOD!, he was huge. 'Casting cutie pounded' has rating 7 from 10 by 22 votes.
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