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Description: In The Hood. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure and d cup breasts were starting to get too much attention from other guys who knew she was way too drunk. He pushed his dick in two more times and then he began to feel an orgasm building in his body. Complying with this, Hermione sat up against a pillow and started playing with her tits, not missing any part of them, and paying more attention to her delicate nipples. Just that if you're taking a break any time soon, do you mind if I take over for a bit? Finally, with a cry of Oh, damn!, she reached down and pressed his hand onto her, forcing him to caress her directly. Bobbi, would you do the same for Tim, but wait until I get almost done with Rich's cum in Carrie. A couple of months later, I finally had a chance to see Richard alone. Something still bothered her, however. 'In the hood' has rating 7 from 10 by 12 votes.
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