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Duration: 05:53 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Tight Fit. So drop a few fluorescent markers as you go up and each take a good torch to find your way back. Sorry I hit you, sorry I yelled at you. You did everything asked of you without hesitation and I am proud of you my pet. As I did so, several streams of hot piss were directed towards it. Oh Ginger, you shouldn't have! Serves him right. There was one narrow, double bed, a small wooden table and two dilapidated arm chairs. Sue obeyed by gripping John's cock with both hands and massaging it, trying to get up the courage to take him in her mouth. Through all of this I never did anything to her, I figured that unless she made a very overt move that she was just teasing and I didn't want to cross the line. 'Tight fit' has rating 5 from 10 by 10 votes.
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