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Description: Dorothe Gives Her Man A Good Old Fashioned Suck And Fuck. She grabbed the dildo and slammed it in several times as rapidly and as hard as she could before she pulled it out. The very first time that I saw her walk by my house on her way to school. Against the tip and run along the shaft until I was at the back of her throat then I felt her gag on it, she opened her eyes panicking, I pulled out slowly and she relaxed, as I saw my wet dick slowly. After she had stopped laughing Janet asked, Talking about your cock, would you mind if I went off the pill? I felt my balls slap against her ass. It came out as more of a dry whisper, catching in her throat. So you ready to try some double penetration now, baby? He placed his hands on her firm ass cheeks and mashed them, while watching her head bobbing in her daughter's crotch. I told you I wasn't even thinking about my outfit. I once again automatically complied and he wasted no time in pushing his cock into my mouth yet again.