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Description: Riley Reid Begs Dad To Meet His Black Friend. You always like this, tempting me.well now I'm going to be the one doing the tempting! At this point it was about 10:15AM so we agreed to meet at a pub in downtown Hamilton for 11:30. I asked him if he liked it and he got a big smile on his face. Coach Jenette asked, eyes wide. She was so wet and so hot. Richard scoffed in his mind. Oh, I think we have a few questions to ask. Then jumps into the pool. Oh god, here it comes, I thought to myself. Before Robert could think of an answer, the young ladies went of to the rest of their class to start practicing. I looked at the other boy and told him it was his turn. 'Riley reid begs dad to meet his black friend' has rating 7 from 10 by 45 votes.