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Description: Dark Chocolate Lovin 2 - Scene 5. I put her on her hands and knees, and sat there admiring her ass poking up at me. Lindsay described her roomate. The cumming started. My God how do you do this to me? Okay, I'll be out in a minute. She scolded herself, her eyes darting downward to escape the blonde's face only to meet with her large breasts, sending a shiver down her spine. I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue as I felt Will push his cock head back into my asshole. When Dad asked for the check the waiter told him that it had already been taken care of. Confident I cleaned up enough to not alarm any suspicion, I walked in the front door acting as though I just got in myself. That would give us at least two glorious hours while Eliza was working on a project at the library and Ashley and Mom are at work. 'Dark chocolate lovin 2 scene 5' has rating 6 from 10 by 31 votes.
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