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Description: Office Confessionals 7 - Scene 1. Will you be honest with me? I was beginning to think that she was just a big tease and all talk and no action. Well that's how you make me feel every time I see you with your towel on after you have a shower. I suggested a bird costume, since Jess was so tiny and petite, and since it gave an opportunity to make her body fully available when in costume. She tugged slightly harder, her green eyes looking imploringly up to her partner. Fuck your dirty bitch harder. Witty and funny, he never had a problem holding up a conversation. Tamura mused thoughtfully. Janet hugged him and smiled to herself. When I couldn't bring myself to do the asked task, he pushed me backwards with enough force to knock me over; I didn't realize how uncoordinated I was blindfolded. 'Office confessionals 7 scene 1' has rating 6 from 10 by 31 votes.
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