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Description: Converted. The man walked over to where Wei lay and slowly knelt down next to Wei. They are so pretty, they are so pretty, he kept repeating. I didn't, really, until now. At breakfast you made a display. I wanted to scream but Jeff's cock was filling my mouth so much I couldn't do anything but moan and muffle a scream. This was more than she had ever imagined possible, no one had pleasured her anus in this manner before. I don't feel like eating down here today Molly, I think ill just get a tray and before she could finish Ginny cut in. I can see that Janet has given them each a copy a book. Of her ass, you like this don't you? She became silent, tears still trickling down her face, lost in her thoughts. We returned to the campground, went our separate ways and spent the next few days pretending that nothing had happened. 'Converted' has rating 6 from 10 by 10 votes.