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Description: Into The Wilde: Episode 4. Brian had his back toward me, but I could see that he and Cindy were getting along quite well! You can't do that, the girl screamed. She thought so this is the man who's going to take my virginity' Rebecca felt like crying she'd always imagined something more romantic like a beach with some bronze colored stud, not whoring herself out. Darrell ordered her, Go get us a beer cunt. We can't really have one. Last Friday they asked me to turn up earlier as one of the younger men was having a stag party there so I would have some fun that night. It into the ground, 'They had captured their prey' she was at their mercy, I sipped my beer with anticipation of what was to come, she's bagged n' tagged roared Willy delighted now what?, now said Terry we brand her! I'm just dropping young Lindsey round with all her kit. That fall a cute new girl moved into my neighborhood and her name was Penny King. 'Into the wilde episode 4' has rating 1 from 10 by 25 votes.