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Description: Sex Is For Lovers - Scene 3. She had told me so, often. I decided to try and shove a second finger in there to keep it going, but to do so, I had to stop at least momentarily so that I could pull out enough to have room to get the second finger in there. I pushed until I hit my pelvis against hers and our bodies slipped acrossed each others as sweat formed. Michelle sat with her mouth open staring at my cock, which was starting to wilt a little bit. He could feel it pulsate, trying to milk as much from him as possible. Then I showered while Sybil fixed us breakfast. We had to go in and tell them all the details of my night out and show them my enlarged well fucked holes. You've been a very bad girl. He did action like one chews and enjoys chocolate in closed mouth. 'Sex is for lovers scene 3' has rating 1 from 10 by 26 votes.