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Description: Brent And Ace...a Fuck Story. I opened my eyes to see Jess kneeling between my legs, her finger still in my pussy, though completely immobile, and with a huge grin on her face. Her tan lines simply emphasized all her best features, as she normally wore a very skimpy bikini when sun bathing. This time he hooked the bungee cord between her breasts instead of on the suitcase. At home both mom and dad asked me how I had enjoyed my birthday present. He opened my pussy lips and slid his finger inside. Hell no, and I'm glad. I was damn horny by this point, so while she worked on getting her panties in my cunt, I had brought my hands up to my boobs, lightly squeezing and flicking my nipples. 'Brent and acea fuck story' has rating 7 from 10 by 26 votes.
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