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Description: Scally Ass Pounding 9. Lindsey half-whispered. But she had been saving it all for this night. I saw Brandon and Tom close in pursuit. Rob woke up later that night, sensing something was amiss. Lauren said in a breathless tone as she leaned against the cabinet in an attempt to recover. I grabbed her pajama pants and lowered them down to expose her well groomed pussy. She groaned happily every time a spurt of my hot jizz burst against her cervix and just sort of wilted against the sink. Now, time to try again baby. I was transfixed! I tangled my fingers in that long blonde hair of hers and started very slowly fucking her face. I'm saying you've gone from regional champion of dick sucking to undisputed world champion. Simply an amazing, erotic dream on a Saturday night. Your ONE and only drink my dear. She then moved back and forth with her waist so the lips moved acrossed the length of my pole. Derrick sat back a few more minutes to allow his head to clear.
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