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Description: Michael Brukk Productions. Collapsing onto my body I still hadn't cum but was so close several times that I thought my nuts would explode if I didn't get a release, so I flipped her over and started to pull on my cock like a man. Dont FIght BITCH he yelled. Moments later Rich screamed out and shoot his second load of the night into my wife. Kerry was now moan and crying my name with each thrust. He pulled my legs up and pushed my knees towards my chest, him using my legs for balance, and he was fucking me looking me in the eye. She had no bra. We're HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE! Well, I don't think so, replied Mary. We'd better get down before that hits us. She bucked and shook as she fucked the last out of me until she seized up and moaned louder than all the rest. Smelling my soiled panties.
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