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Description: Redhead Roomate Gets Revenge Fuck In The Ass. Well, I think she would have, but I didn't have a rubber with me and she didn't want to take a chance of getting pregnant. Although Paul didn't seem to be too concerned with the size of my breasts, I still wanted to have something better than double A size. It's at this point the plan started to formulate. I wondered what was wrong, or what I may have done wrong. Finally they reached the wood work department, I quickly stepped ahead of her and opened the door, holding it for her as she walked in. Well what are you going to be doing tonight? It couldn't have gone any better. Is that what you want to do with me?. However at the age of 25 and after having her third son she decided to become a wet nurse and now her breasts were full, sensitive, and plump. You never did that before, did you?