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Description: Latin Bangers 11 - Scene 4. When he was close, he pulled away from her and told them to catch. We left my bedroom door open and were sound asleep long before mom and dad came home. I figured there was no way it could possibly fit in. Moisture from her pussy was dripping down from her pussy and creating a wet spot on the carpet. These words seemed to have some sort of effect on her and her eyes opened. Each movement put more stress on her very sensitive tit and clit rings and each strike of the riding crop caused her ass to turn redder and redder. My panties had fallen clear and slid to the floor. Her head was against the headrest and her eyes were closed, she knew they were out in the country now, she couldnt see the orange glow of the street lights come through her eye lids. Nurse Jones placed each of Constance's feet in the stirrups and gently spread her legs wide apart while the doctor slid between them on a rolling stool!!!
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