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Description: Lily Carter Vs Mr. Marcus. In that moment, I got the response of hers, in the form of her soft, wet tongue stroking along the length of my clit and outer pussy lips. She was my wife's older sister. Brain collapsed on her again, kissing her hard then rolled off onto his back. Open your mouth bitch, the man said and then came; his hot sticky cum splattering over my face and landing in my open mouth. I just smiled back at her, then leaned down to kiss her. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled away, as her boyfriend was there. Do as we say and I won't. I'mmmmm cuuummmiiinnng. And now he began to dream about Ginger in the most erotic terms possible, dreams of foreplay and fucking. She was starting to get the urge to tough herself again. He had promised to say something good to him if she did what he asked, but she also knew the hidden threat that if she didn't he would tell him how displeased he was.