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Description: Tits N' Ass, Scene 3. Barb stepped out of her panties and I could see she had a hairless pussy, except for a tiny patch of short hair right above her pussy lips. Well now I am going to change your mind. She repeated the request again so loud that the guys in the booth heard her. I had puzzled about it, but Danny refused to say anything more that night. Almost without warning her mouth was flooded with a torrent of hot cum, that Jennie greedily drank down! Sibils fingers once again eased my pussy open, and I heard that giggle of delight, sounding like the bubbles of a thousand bottles of Champaign flowing into as many cups of purest crystal. Of course several people saw me and shouted rude comments to me, including our next door neighbour. After a long moment, mom lifted herself again - a fraction of an inch - then pulled back down and immediately had a shuddering orgasm.