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Description: It Hurts So Good - Scene 1. I watched on as he bucked and thrust and finally grunted, releasing into the woman, after he slid out of her, I saw his member, it was big, I'd never seen a real man's penis but it was tremendous, nearly seven inches long and more than an inch and a half wide. She shot the ball and cursed as it hit the three ball at an angle, sending it bouncing back and forth between the two edges of the corner and making the next attempt at it impossible. Your own sister?. My body felt out of control and I moved into my first orgasm. Everyone had been drinking all evening. Was all Edna said. Just relaxed in and around the pool. They lay in bed side by side in a tight embrace kissing passionately. I started to cry and hump her even faster. What do you want to do? Sierra Harmon was no longer a doctor assisting her patients, she was now just another woman in a state of sexual heat that would do anything to have her vagina violated by a large erection, so in order.