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Duration: 01:15 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: Uncut Cock Masturbation. We went to a little pub for a meal and then, all too soon, it was midnight and I had an early start in the morning. What had been dark grey green eyes suddenly appeared a bright emerald green with a hint of blue around the edges. Then wait here.Yes, Master.It was quite uncomfortable lying like that but since he hadn't told her to move, she waited. I don't wanna have to fry your ass. He then removed his cock and shot a huge load all over face completely covering it with hot gizz. Further and further his cock went into my throat, which now burned from the stretching. I overheard you yesterday saying you wanted to be raped, forced to have sex. As he saw Suzy's young arsehole staring seductively at him, he knew that the night was still young. Had I scared her off?