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Description: Miami Cum - Scene 6. You're going out like that? So Jeff changes the subject, Let's go play out back. Bye hun, give my love to the kids. Well, then, if you are ready, we can begin the second part. Oh no, I'm going to hit you many more times tonight, and until you get used to being abused like the bad little girl you are, I think I should tie you up so you will submit to me. She sat up at once and grabbed my cock with two hands, burying the head in her mouth and began to suck for all she was worth. You getting me pregnant is one of 'em. Every moment it was on her, she remembered that she was her beloved master's cherished pet. What do I think? She was more than just mad at me. God damn, Jimmy, she gasped. I pushed Bruce off. I breathed it in, that tang of salt and a spicy, feminine musk. I finely got up on the bed next to her as she was coming down and pulled her to me and cuddled with her as she fell asleep. We stood there for what seemed like a few seconds it was probably more like 5 minutes before she moved her hand down my side.
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